4 Topics to discuss with your partner


4 Topics to discuss with your partner

When you are in an initial stage with your partner or your future partner, you want to explore him up and down, to learn more about him, to find common ground … You seek to have an interaction and communication …

Here are 5 discussion topics that can lead to all of the above:

1. Interests / Hobbies

Whether you like it or not, hobbies and hobbies are the first things that will be said in a discussion. Make sure you extend your “indiscretion” to them in order to get to know him better and show interest and attention. And how do you know? Maybe you will find common ground and this conversation will be much more enjoyable.

2. Childhood

References to the past evoke nostalgia, intimacy and a pleasant atmosphere in the atmosphere. You share the pleasant experiences that are part of you, you open up to the other, you create an atmosphere of trust and you show the other another image of you. Of course, such personal data requires some time and mood, so this area needs a little more attention.

3. Travel

Travel is a pleasant topic of conversation as who does not like it? Easy and accessible topic and definitely something that will make it easier for you to find common ground and break the ice. Do not forget to gather information, since a trip is always a perfect idea for a future anniversary.

4. Movies / Series

Movies / series, as much as you may not believe it, show a lot about a person. If you find common ground in this area, I see you all day on a couch with Netflix playing non-stop. And if you do not find them, do not give him the password!

5. Future plans/ Dreams

It is not a real bummer to talk about the future with your boyfriend. It could sound scary but it really isn’t. Actually, it depends on the way you are going to present it to them.

For example, talking about family and children to your boyfriend of two months is of course a great way to scare them off. But talking about your dreams and career orientation is a great topic for a long discussion.

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