5 ways to limit quarrels in a relationship


5 ways to limit quarrels in a relationship

If you feel that the quarrels in a relationship are more than usual, it is probably time to do something to protect your relationship. Otherwise, Athens escorts will be another problem in your relationship!

Wrestling in the relationship exists and is healthy when it does not happen often, but it happens for essential reasons. If you have noticed that quarrels with your partner lately are more frequent and without reason than your beautiful and quiet moments, then maybe it is time to take a step back and see what you can do to limit them.

Below we suggest 5 ways to manage quarrels in a relationship…

How to avoid quarrels in a relationship?

1. Choose your quarrels wisely

It certainly makes sense to have small ups and downs in the relationship, but it is important to know when it really matters to say something and when it is best to let it “fall down“. Time will help you with this.

If you have found that you are bothered by comments or bad habits of your partner do not force yourself to define how to manage it immediately. Give yourself 24 hours and if it is still something that upsets you, then you can bring it forward. We bet that this way you will forget a lot about which you intended to fight.

2. Stay present

First of all, you need to be in the “now” and listen to everything your partner has to say to you, which are essential to see how and if you can use them to end the quarrels.

If you have the supermarket list in mind while he is complaining about something, you will never realize his feelings and this will cause problems in the future. Staying in the “now” also means focusing on what caused the particular quarrel.

3. Lower the volume

Try to keep your voice as neutral as possible. A strong and angry tone automatically puts the other in a defensive stance and can escalate a quarrel that, under other circumstances, would not be so important.

4. Look inside yourself

Consider the fact that certain behaviours or comments of your partner cause you negative emotions because they “touch” your own insecurities or aspects of yourself that you do not like. In these cases, take the time to accept that this is your problem which, we hope, can be worked on in other ways, such as through psychotherapy.

We are all responsible for our own mental health, so we need to be aware of when our own anxieties trigger some disagreements within the relationship.

5. When things are going well, celebrate!

When you enjoy your good times with your partner and you feel that he loves and appreciates you, recognize him and do the same for him. Everyone needs to be loved in a certain way, so make sure you find out how your partner will feel that he or she is getting the love and tenderness he or she needs.

At the end of the day, love is always a reason to celebrate!

3 ways quarrels work in your favour

Since you can not avoid it, at least follow all the rules of the “right” quarrel.

Many times we think that a quarrel can be the end of a relationship. And yet, even more often it can be the beginning of a better relationship. In fact, experts say, you are not even a couple if you have not had your first quarrel. For how can one see the true self of another, if one has not seen him in cases where he does not agree with him or who even does not like him enough?

The key to a “right” quarrel is the right communication. And these are the ways in which you can use it to make your relationship stronger.

Do not exaggerate the problem

You fought over something and now you think that your relationship is in danger and you wonder if you finally want to be with him or not!

Stop and focus on the cause of the conflict, without letting your mind look for deeper problems than exactly what made you quarrel. If there are others, more important, do not worry… sooner or later they will come to the surface and without “digging” them.

Change subject

Problems are rarely solved the moment they arise. Men in particular need some time to clarify their thoughts and feelings so that they can take a clear position on the issue. Even if you are “burning” to get an edge NOW, it is a good idea to change the subject and offer both of you the necessary “space” to feel better and talk more civilly.

Just say “at some point we need to talk about this. What do you say we eat at night? ” In this way you will show the other that you do not believe that what happened is the end of the world.

Wait for it to find you again to discuss it

The truth is that if you show the necessary patience so that you do not face the issue immediately, there is a fear that he will choose to forget it completely and this discussion will never take place. Don’t let it happen!

The best time to get back to the topic is when you will have found them again and for both of them, whatever was what made you quarrel no longer matters what it had at that moment. Just tell him “you know I love you, but I’m a little uncomfortable with it. What do you say?” Listen to him carefully and suggest a solution escorts call girls suggest.

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