5 WordPress SEO tips


5 WordPress SEO tips

SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of optimizing a website in order to rank it higher, when presenting search results through search engines. This way, your website gains more traffic and therefore popularity. If your website is also an e-shop or a company then by using SEO you are also boosting your sales.

The easiest way to find a website is through search engines (eg Google, Bing, Yahoo), and this happens by using specific words or phrases (known as key-words or key-phrases). These words can be the name of a company or a hotel for example, the category of services you are looking for (eg web design, plumbing, electrical engineer), a specific product, (phone cases,  etc.

SEO wordpress tip #1

Basically take care of your site so that it is simple and user friendly. We need to underline that, the positive user experience translates into more time on the site and therefore to extra points in the SEO ranking. Making a website that is easy and not tiring will of course benefit your sales and traffic as the customers will be back.

SEO wordpress tip #2

If you want to include a keyword in your domain name, choose to put it at the beginning. Your keywords should not only be included in the first 100 words but on the H1 title of your page or article too. It also needs to be repeated throughout the content of your page.

SEO wordpress tip #3

Update your pages and check for broken links that need correction within them. Google Webmaster Tools can also help you here, as it mentions the broken links that the google bot has located on your site. Alternatively, for CMS, there are related plugins, such as Broken Link Checker for WordPress.

SEO wordpress tip #4

Make small titles within the pages: 6 to 8 words are satisfactory. More than 6-8 words make a really long title which equals to a really long URL. Bigger URLs just not have the desirable length in order for your website to ve promoted by Google.

SEO wordpress tip #5

Take care of the quality in the design of the content. Create correct texts, without spelling and typographical errors! Make the user read your entire text to the end and correct every error. And remember; the world of SEO is constantly changing so you will need to change your articles from time to time!

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