9 easy ways to freshen up your home for Spring!

9 easy ways to freshen up your home for Spring

9 easy ways to freshen up your home for Spring!

Painting is a great way to freshen up your home, but it is not the only one! As the days begin to grow and winter gives way to spring, our mood improves and it is a great time to renew our home décor.

Embracing the seasons is a key aspect of lifestyle in 2022, so we will be looking at Spring-inspired decorating and renovation ideas.

However, you do not need to go out to the shops and buy new furniture or make a huge renovation to give your home a new and improved look and feel. Small modifications can have just as big an impact. To prove our point, we share 9 tips on how you can freshen up your home without having to travel!

1. Invest in indoor plants

It is scientifically proven that houseplants can have a real impact on your home. Not only can they remove toxins from the air, but studies have shown that they can boost productivity and help you relax.

They also add a vibrant dimension to your home that other types of furniture and décor can provide. For example, you can place a lyre fig or a tire to add interest to a corner of your home. If you are looking for something smaller, find an indoor plant that reflects your style, such as collection of succulents that are very easy to care for.

2. Decongest your shelves

An easy way to refresh your living space without spending a dime is to decongest it and re-decorate your shelves. Dusting your shelves and other surfaces of the house is a great way to make a fresh start.

We suggest that you start by removing everything from your shelves and then put aside items and decorations that you have not touched in a long time or that you are tired of. Start by placing minimal decorative items on the shelf that make you happy when you look at them.

3. Store the carpets

Many times refreshing your home has more to do with what you remove than with what you add. With spring already here, there is no better time to remove carpets from rooms and give for cleaning. The “bare” floor will make your home look cooler, bigger and will give all your existing furniture a completely new look!

Many times refreshing your home has more to do with what you remove than with what you add.

4. Invest in new spring linens

You do not need to try hard to transform the look of your space. Give your home a new look by changing some linens.

New decorative pillows, a sofa throw for the living room and lighter, linen blankets in the bedroom are a great way to add a fresh touch.

5. Organize the entrance of your house

If you feel that the entrance of your house is constantly full of keys, coats, shoes and other accessories, you should consider investing in some reception furniture. The entrance is always an important point for our homes, as it is the first image and it is good to look clean and tidy.

A wall-mounted storage solution, such as a closet that saves space for keys, sunglasses and anything else you take out as soon as you enter your home, will make a difference.

6. Renew your cooking utensils

How long has it been since you invested in a new set of cookware? If your pots and pans are quite damaged or not you have still replaced the toxic Teflon in the kitchen utensils, then you have the perfect excuse to buy a new one.

Choose a set of cookware without chemicals that are also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. What do you say your pots and pans should not match the rest of the kitchen and the decor, since they are almost always visible in your kitchen?

7. A fresh coat of paint

Do you feel the space of your home looks old, with an anachronistic style? Nothing refreshes a room more than a painting. Painting is one of the most popular ways to renovate any room in your home, as it is easy, economical and drastically transforms the space.

Whether you want your space to look more spacious, a little brighter or even more relaxing, a new color on the walls or in the cupboards can do the job. The kitchens of 2022 in particular are undergoing a colorful revolution, so consider painting your cabinets to make a bold change.

If you are attracted to more neutral or Scandinavian decorations, look for tones inspired by mother nature, such as rich ocher, turquoise or even pastel colors for kitchen cabinets reminiscent of spring.

8. Bring spring by painting your walls

Spring is also a great time to refresh and freshen your walls with a poster or painting that inspires and looks great!

9. Change the curtains

If you have dark curtains, replace them with plain white linen. It will help you to illuminate your space and make your days bigger!

As you will find with 9 small paint movements you can refresh your home, apart from painting, and bring spring decoration to your living room, bedroom, kitchen or dining room!

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