Usability and UX tips for website design

Usability and UX tips for website design

When we come up with website design, it can be easy to get obsessed with aesthetics. But if we want to achieve goals such as brand recognition or lead generation, we will have to focus on more things.

In a world where most people consult a variety of pages on a daily basis, the web designer has to ensure that the design is optimized. Having a great domain name, taking care of the loading speed or doing email marketing campaigns will not help if the web does not convince.

Good usability (how easy it is to use the website) and user experience (how pleasant it is to interact with it) should take center stage. These two elements require a lot of study, but we will cover the most important concepts when creating a website.

Simplicity in website design

Although the appearance of a website is important, most visitors do not have access to evaluate the design. Rather, they come to find specific information or to take action.

Adding unnecessary design elements according to Paramarketing, that have no functional purpose sometimes makes it difficult for visitors to get what they want to do. A simple but well planned web development can be more useful than something complex and very elaborate.

From a usability and UX perspective, simplicity in online presence and website design is a good ally. It is possible to use it in different ways. Here are some examples:

  • Colors: Do not use too many, in no case is it recommended to use more than 5 colors for the design.
  • Typefaces: The typefaces you choose must be legible at a minimum, and in a limited variety of colors. It is recommended to use at most three different fonts in at most three or four sizes.
  • Graphics: Should be used when helping the user to complete a task or perform a specific function.

Visual hierarchy to create the pages

Visual hierarchy involves organizing your website elements so that visitors naturally perceive and interact with the most important elements.

When it comes to optimizing usability and user experience, the goal is for visitors to complete the desired actions. Structure the site in such a way that they are attracted to certain elements. This has to be achieved in a pleasant way by adjusting its position, color or size.

Navigability to favor actions

Of course, a good web design must have intuitive navigation which is crucial to ensure that visitors can find what they are looking for. Ideally, the visitor shouldn’t have to think long about where they should click next. That you can move from point A to point B easily and intuitively. These are some tips to optimize navigation:

  • Keep the main navigation structure simple, best near the top of the pages.
  • Include navigation in the footer of the site if possible and necessary.
  • Use breadcrumbs to let people know your sailing route.
  • Include a search box at the top so that visitors can search by keywords.
  • Try to avoid offering too many navigation options on the same page.
  • In most cases, it is best to keep the navigation no more than three levels deep.
  • The links within each page should make it clear where they lead.

After deciding which will be the main (top) navigation of the site, it will have to be maintained over time. It means that their location and labels should remain the same on each and every page of the site.

Consistency in website design

The overall look should be consistent, to create a modern and functional website on all pages. Backgrounds, color schemes, typefaces, and even the tone of writing are areas where consistency can have a positive impact on usability and UX.

This does not mean that each page must have the exact same layout. Instead, different layouts can be created for specific types of pages. For example, one layout for landing pages, another layout for informational pages, etc. By using these layouts consistently, we will make it easier for visitors to understand what kind of information they will find on a given page.

We must also think that the time will come to make a coherent graphic design in the advertising materials. Examples would be creatives for ads or for email marketing campaigns to send information by email.

Credibility to inspire confidence

Ultimately, the use of web design conventions (design elements and strategies that visitors are already familiar with) can help give more credibility to the site as a whole. If we strive to build a website that provides the best possible user experience, the credibility or trust it conveys will always be very helpful.

One of the best ways to improve your website design credibility is to be clear and honest about the product or service you display or promote. Avoid having visitors search through multiple pages to find out what is really being offered. On the product or service pages we have to be direct and dedicate resources to explaining the value we bring.

Any landing page with good arguments that includes prices and shows transparency will win followers. Having supportive content will also help your business inspire trust and legitimacy. This includes taking care of the appearance of 404 error pages, legal notice or privacy policy.
User centered

Usability and user experience depend on the preferences of the end users. This is something that is contemplated in the design and development stages, and that most of the time, web designers supply by contributing our experience.

Still, the ultimate key to improving website design is user testing. Collect feedback and make changes based on what we learn.

For this, we can test the design with the same client and at the same time among their potential clients and collaborators. Even request the opinions of other colleagues who are around us.

With looser budgets for website design and deeper analysis, more resources can be used. User testing tools include the following:

  • Focus groups: Groups of people are convened to test the design, see their reactions and get their opinions.
  • Heat maps: Applications that record hot spots or areas that users click on.
  • Scroll maps: Applications that record navigation and scroll on the site pages.

Conclusions on website design

Getting visits through advertising campaigns or good web positioning is useless if the pages do not convert. This is a big problem on any service website or online store.

The first thing is to establish a good structure to lay out the pages. The creation process does not have to be custom-developed, almost any framework or CMS will allow you to comply with the previous points. Search engines will reward effort, and the set will facilitate differentiation on social media.

A very important fact to take into account is that a very high percentage of website visitors fail to convert or abandon because, unconsciously, they perceive that their experience is not valued. Enough reason to put yourself in the shoes of your website visitors and consider the actions they take during their stay. Surely you will discover faults or aspects that can be improved, don’t you think?

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5 ways to limit quarrels in a relationship

5 ways to limit quarrels in a relationship

If you feel that the quarrels in a relationship are more than usual, it is probably time to do something to protect your relationship. Otherwise, Athens escorts will be another problem in your relationship!

Wrestling in the relationship exists and is healthy when it does not happen often, but it happens for essential reasons. If you have noticed that quarrels with your partner lately are more frequent and without reason than your beautiful and quiet moments, then maybe it is time to take a step back and see what you can do to limit them.

Below we suggest 5 ways to manage quarrels in a relationship…

How to avoid quarrels in a relationship?

1. Choose your quarrels wisely

It certainly makes sense to have small ups and downs in the relationship, but it is important to know when it really matters to say something and when it is best to let it “fall down“. Time will help you with this.

If you have found that you are bothered by comments or bad habits of your partner do not force yourself to define how to manage it immediately. Give yourself 24 hours and if it is still something that upsets you, then you can bring it forward. We bet that this way you will forget a lot about which you intended to fight.

2. Stay present

First of all, you need to be in the “now” and listen to everything your partner has to say to you, which are essential to see how and if you can use them to end the quarrels.

If you have the supermarket list in mind while he is complaining about something, you will never realize his feelings and this will cause problems in the future. Staying in the “now” also means focusing on what caused the particular quarrel.

3. Lower the volume

Try to keep your voice as neutral as possible. A strong and angry tone automatically puts the other in a defensive stance and can escalate a quarrel that, under other circumstances, would not be so important.

4. Look inside yourself

Consider the fact that certain behaviours or comments of your partner cause you negative emotions because they “touch” your own insecurities or aspects of yourself that you do not like. In these cases, take the time to accept that this is your problem which, we hope, can be worked on in other ways, such as through psychotherapy.

We are all responsible for our own mental health, so we need to be aware of when our own anxieties trigger some disagreements within the relationship.

5. When things are going well, celebrate!

When you enjoy your good times with your partner and you feel that he loves and appreciates you, recognize him and do the same for him. Everyone needs to be loved in a certain way, so make sure you find out how your partner will feel that he or she is getting the love and tenderness he or she needs.

At the end of the day, love is always a reason to celebrate!

3 ways quarrels work in your favour

Since you can not avoid it, at least follow all the rules of the “right” quarrel.

Many times we think that a quarrel can be the end of a relationship. And yet, even more often it can be the beginning of a better relationship. In fact, experts say, you are not even a couple if you have not had your first quarrel. For how can one see the true self of another, if one has not seen him in cases where he does not agree with him or who even does not like him enough?

The key to a “right” quarrel is the right communication. And these are the ways in which you can use it to make your relationship stronger.

Do not exaggerate the problem

You fought over something and now you think that your relationship is in danger and you wonder if you finally want to be with him or not!

Stop and focus on the cause of the conflict, without letting your mind look for deeper problems than exactly what made you quarrel. If there are others, more important, do not worry… sooner or later they will come to the surface and without “digging” them.

Change subject

Problems are rarely solved the moment they arise. Men in particular need some time to clarify their thoughts and feelings so that they can take a clear position on the issue. Even if you are “burning” to get an edge NOW, it is a good idea to change the subject and offer both of you the necessary “space” to feel better and talk more civilly.

Just say “at some point we need to talk about this. What do you say we eat at night? ” In this way you will show the other that you do not believe that what happened is the end of the world.

Wait for it to find you again to discuss it

The truth is that if you show the necessary patience so that you do not face the issue immediately, there is a fear that he will choose to forget it completely and this discussion will never take place. Don’t let it happen!

The best time to get back to the topic is when you will have found them again and for both of them, whatever was what made you quarrel no longer matters what it had at that moment. Just tell him “you know I love you, but I’m a little uncomfortable with it. What do you say?” Listen to him carefully and suggest a solution escorts call girls suggest.

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4 Topics to discuss with your partner

4 Topics to discuss with your partner

When you are in an initial stage with your partner or your future partner, you want to explore him up and down, to learn more about him, to find common ground … You seek to have an interaction and communication …

Here are 5 discussion topics that can lead to all of the above:

1. Interests / Hobbies

Whether you like it or not, hobbies and hobbies are the first things that will be said in a discussion. Make sure you extend your “indiscretion” to them in order to get to know him better and show interest and attention. And how do you know? Maybe you will find common ground and this conversation will be much more enjoyable.

2. Childhood

References to the past evoke nostalgia, intimacy and a pleasant atmosphere in the atmosphere. You share the pleasant experiences that are part of you, you open up to the other, you create an atmosphere of trust and you show the other another image of you. Of course, such personal data requires some time and mood, so this area needs a little more attention.

3. Travel

Travel is a pleasant topic of conversation as who does not like it? Easy and accessible topic and definitely something that will make it easier for you to find common ground and break the ice. Do not forget to gather information, since a trip is always a perfect idea for a future anniversary.

4. Movies / Series

Movies / series, as much as you may not believe it, show a lot about a person. If you find common ground in this area, I see you all day on a couch with Netflix playing non-stop. And if you do not find them, do not give him the password!

5. Future plans/ Dreams

It is not a real bummer to talk about the future with your boyfriend. It could sound scary but it really isn’t. Actually, it depends on the way you are going to present it to them.

For example, talking about family and children to your boyfriend of two months is of course a great way to scare them off. But talking about your dreams and career orientation is a great topic for a long discussion.


5 WordPress SEO tips

5 WordPress SEO tips

SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of optimizing a website in order to rank it higher, when presenting search results through search engines. This way, your website gains more traffic and therefore popularity. If your website is also an e-shop or a company then by using SEO you are also boosting your sales.

The easiest way to find a website is through search engines (eg Google, Bing, Yahoo), and this happens by using specific words or phrases (known as key-words or key-phrases). These words can be the name of a company or a hotel for example, the category of services you are looking for (eg web design, plumbing, electrical engineer), a specific product, (phone cases,  etc.

SEO wordpress tip #1

Basically take care of your site so that it is simple and user friendly. We need to underline that, the positive user experience translates into more time on the site and therefore to extra points in the SEO ranking. Making a website that is easy and not tiring will of course benefit your sales and traffic as the customers will be back.

SEO wordpress tip #2

If you want to include a keyword in your domain name, choose to put it at the beginning. Your keywords should not only be included in the first 100 words but on the H1 title of your page or article too. It also needs to be repeated throughout the content of your page.

SEO wordpress tip #3

Update your pages and check for broken links that need correction within them. Google Webmaster Tools can also help you here, as it mentions the broken links that the google bot has located on your site. Alternatively, for CMS, there are related plugins, such as Broken Link Checker for WordPress.

SEO wordpress tip #4

Make small titles within the pages: 6 to 8 words are satisfactory. More than 6-8 words make a really long title which equals to a really long URL. Bigger URLs just not have the desirable length in order for your website to ve promoted by Google.

SEO wordpress tip #5

Take care of the quality in the design of the content. Create correct texts, without spelling and typographical errors! Make the user read your entire text to the end and correct every error. And remember; the world of SEO is constantly changing so you will need to change your articles from time to time!

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